Helping You Access Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana is all over the news, but few are talking about how it can help those who have been injured, specifically in a car or workplace accident.

Here at Millars Law, we are committed to informing people of the benefits of Medical Marijuana for the treatment of chronic pain, PTSD symptoms and a variety of other ailments resulting from personal injury and trauma.

The major obstacle to receiving treatment up until now has been the cost of purchasing the correct strains cultivated to treat specific conditions. For many, the question remains, How do I afford it?

On average, the cost for a patient’s typical care per month is roughly $300 – $500. This includes¬†medical grade marijuana specifically tailored to treat individual symptoms, free of any contaminants and with greatly reduced side effects than most prescribed pain medications.

The good news is that there is hope to have your safe and legal Medical Marijuana paid for by insurance companies. We can guide you towards treatment solutions that will help you get better while getting the insurance coverage you need to afford your treatment.

To find out more on how we can help you access safe, effective Medical Marijuana as part of your treatment plan, contact us

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