Be Apart of a Special Forces Team

We are looking for fighters who want to make a difference in people’s lives. Millars Lawyers are known for their ferocious passion to fight for what’s right and to stop at nothing.

If you want a career in changing people’s lives than you have come to the right place.


Selection Process

Our team members must go through a rigorous selection process as we search for top performers who do not fit into the mainstream approach to legal services.

Why Choose Millars Lawyers

The Millars Law Difference

Every staff member receives specialized training not found in law school:

  • Strategic Analysis – how to think strategically in the modern world.
  • The Art of Trial Warfare – based on Sun Tzu’s teachings
  • Information Warfare and Psychological Operations
  • Deception Operations
  • Media Messaging
  • Controlling the Narrative
  • The Art of Storytelling, projection and voice coaching
  • Advanced Cross Examination Training
  • Risk Analysis and Wargaming as taught to Combat Officers
  • Elite Negotiation – from FBI Hostage Negotiator Course
  • Conflict Resolution Principles

Millars Lawyers Firm

We make being a lawyer something to be proud of

Our firm is not for everyone; We do not micro-manage, we do not tolerate whiners, floaters or anyone not 100% committed to the success of the client. We don’t care if other lawyers like us because we know they respect us and it is the client that matters, not our legal colleagues sipping brandy and telling tall tales at luncheons.

Many have come to work at the firm and the few who have survived lived up to our high standards. The moral of the team is amazing. We share group goals, we lift each other up, we put the mission before ourselves, we do not take ourselves too seriously… we are a team… each member vital to the success of the mission, each member proud of our philosophy and member of the tough battles we have won against the odds.

We are not politically correct daisies, we are professionals tasked with saving our clients lives and we must be resilient, competent and have courage. We know that it takes time to build these skills and the right people relish the opportunity to join a team that helps them grow and love their job. Saving people’s lives is more stressful than law school, it’s more demanding than most jobs you will encounter. But it is a sacred trust to be given the responsibility for another human’s life. We take it very seriously and love the adrenaline and pressure almost as much as the jubilation we feel when we get the result in favour of our clients.

Take a look at the 13 Millars Laws and see if they resonate with you before you consider applying.

L.Gen Whelan Statement of Claim

Here is the Certified Copy of the Statement of Claim filed with the Court on May 21 2024 in the above named file. As per R. 133 the Registry has served a copy of the Notice of Application on the Attorney General of Canada on your behalf.