The Millars Law Team

A law firm built around special forces principles.

Our team members must go through a rigorous selection process as we search for top performers who do not fit into the mainstream approach to legal services.

Phillip Millar

Currently accepting new select files on a case-by-case basis.

As a former Combat Officer, Phillip brings a refreshing approach to legal services. He served his country for over a decade and experienced combat firsthand. Phillip does not shy away from conflict and but also has a Masters in Conflict Resolution and Negotiation and is skilled at fixing problems and winning in high-stakes scenarios. Phillip has an outstanding track record in the Ontario courts including multiple victories in the Ontario Court of Appeal. He appears regularly on TV and Radio providing his legal analysis and insights into important issues..

William J. Doran

William is a seasoned Family Law lawyer with over 20 years of experience. He speaks softly but carries a huge stick that allows him to expertly advocate for his clients when faced with tough legal challenges. His experience spans the breadth of complex family law issues and he has a special skill when it comes to identifying and dealing with contentious financial issues…

John C. Drake

John C. Drake is a lawyer, philanthropist and accomplished businessman. John is well known for his business acumen, but few know that John is also a successful trial lawyer who graduated with distinction from the University of Western Ontario’s Law School. John was called to the bar in 1973 and was counsel on one of Canada’s most notorious cases, the Helmuth Bauxbaum Murder. In 1986 John transitioned into…

Katelyn Andersen

Katelyn Andersen was born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, but Southwestren Ontario has been her adopted home for 15 years. Katelyn attended Fanshawe College and Western University during her undergraduate years, obtaining an Ontario College Diploma in Law and Security Administration and Bachelor of Arts degree in the social sciences…

Shawn Stewart

Shawn Stewart has practiced in the areas of civil litigation since 2019, after having articled and then staying on as an Associate lawyer with Kirwin Partners LLP in Windsor, Ontario. He completed his Juris Doctor degree at the University of Windsor.

Shawn’s civil litigation practice focuses on employment disputes, commercial litigation…

Mark Simon

Mark is a closer. With four degrees, a business management background, and experience negotiating complex and high-conflict transactions, Mark provides his clients with a solutions-based approach to a wide variety of issues. Holding an MBA with an accounting specialization, Mark provides legal counsel based on a deep understanding of finance and prides himself on providing rock-solid protections for his clients’ assets.

When Mark isn’t working, or…

Marcel Marcellin – COO

Mr. Marcellin holds not one, but two Masters Degrees, an MBA from the Ivey School of business and an MPA from Western. Marcel is a former Police Sergeant who served on the Emergency Response Team and this experience fits perfectly into our special forces philosophy. Marcel served the community for 20 years as a police officer and this experience gave him valuable insight into human behaviour and organization effectiveness. His education and experience make him an exceptional Chief Operations Officer…

Chris Knight

Chris focuses his practice on strategic legal solutions. His work involves specialized intelligence and investigative work. Together, these skill sets allow clients to navigate complex regulatory environments and deal with bad actors aiming to harm. Chris is a perfect fit in the Millars Law team of quiet professionals who get the job done and put the mission before themselves….

Desmond MacMillan

Desmond is an experienced litigator who has seen all sides of complex disputes and utilizes his military background to problem solve and win legal battles.

Not many lawyers can boast that they were part of the infamous Rocky Mountain Rangers battalion and Desmond was a well respected leader of infantry soldiers in this proud unit.

Educated in Saskatchewan, Desmond cut his teeth in the big firms working for insurance companies and powerful corporations…

Madison Steenson

Madison is a passionate litigator who comes from a proud family of farmers who understand the value of hard work and the preservation of capital. Her goal is to win your legal battles while keeping the capital where it belongs, in your business or personal bank account. As such Madison can be trusted to give you honest straightforward advice that moves you towards solving the problem, not making it more complex than necessary….

Jonathan Asen

Special Investigator to the Law Firm

Jonathan Asen is the CEO and Founder of Jimacon Inc. Consulting. His background consists of over 30 years of law enforcement experience in the Province of Ontario, and is recently retired as a Detective Sergeant in the Organized Crime Unit. Majority of his career was spent in Intelligence, Organized Crime, Major Case management, Undercover Operations, and the Tactical Unit. He has assembled a very experienced investigation team that works with Millars law to help tilt the scales when we face powerful opponents….

Evann Neumann

Evann is a born and raised Calgarian that understands the unique heartbeat of this city and the value of hard work and integrity. Before becoming a lawyer he was instrumental in the growth of the family run business and saw first hand how hard people have to work to survive and build a business. These lessons are not lost on him as he assists Calgarians navigate legal challenges…

Lander Cook

Lander was born and raised in Northern Ontario. He is fluent in French and loves the outdoors. As a young man he was exposed to rural living and came to understand the value of hard work. Lander attended Lakehead University studying Criminology; And followed up his post-graduate degree with an Advanced Law Clerk Diploma from St. Lawrence College…

Steve Nicholson

Steve sought out MIllars Lawyers after recognizing the Firm Culture was one that resonated with his dedication to service before self and work ethic. The firm is lucky to have connected with a young lawyer who embodies the old school principles of hard work, integrity and resiliency…

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