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A law firm built around special forces principles.

At our firm, we don’t settle for the ordinary. That’s why we’ve built our team around the principles of special forces to deliver results that exceed expectations.

Legal matters can be complex and stressful, so we take a unique approach that combines strategy, tenacity, and innovation. We are not afraid to take on the most difficult cases and do whatever it takes to achieve success for our clients. With our team of highly skilled and experienced lawyers, you can be confident that your case is in good hands.

CEO & Founder - Millars Lawyers

Phillip Millar

Currently accepting new select files on a case-by-case basis.

As a former Combat Officer, Phillip brings a refreshing approach to legal services. He served his country for over a decade and experienced combat firsthand. Phillip does not shy away from conflict and but also has a Masters in Conflict Resolution and Negotiation and is skilled at fixing problems and winning in high-stakes scenarios. Phillip has an outstanding track record in the Ontario courts including multiple victories in the Ontario Court of Appeal. He appears regularly on TV and Radio providing his legal analysis and insights into important issues..

Luke Reidy

Luke Reidy is a rare breed of lawyer. There was no silver spoon in his history, just hard work, resilience and a commitment to justice. As a young man, Luke worked in the construction industry, starting at the ground level, swinging a hammer and watching how large construction corporations operated and interacted with a complex group of different individuals His intelligence and work ethic quickly moved him up the leadership ladder ultimately leading men much older than him in a few short years. He was respected by…

Associate Lawyer

Associate Lawyer

Adam Birch

Adam Birch comes to the firm as an experienced litigator passionate about fairness and fighting the good fight against powerful institutions. Adam has practiced Plaintiff Personal Injury law for over ten years and is well-known for challenging the status quo. Within seconds of meeting Adam, you will feel his authenticity and commitment to justice. You will appreciate that he actually listens and wants to get to know your story. He won’t talk about himself…

Desmond MacMillan

Desmond is an experienced litigator who has seen all sides of complex disputes and utilizes his military background to problem solve and win legal battles.

Not many lawyers can boast that they were part of the infamous Rocky Mountain Rangers battalion and Desmond was a well respected leader of infantry soldiers in this proud unit.

Educated in Saskatchewan, Desmond cut his teeth in the big firms working for insurance companies and powerful corporations…

Senior Lawyer

Associate Lawyer

Emily Yeow

Emily Yeow’s international expertise and spectacular intellect make a difference to her clients. Before becoming a lawyer, Emily worked around the world on international business deals involving pharmaceutical/biotechnology, construction, transportation, real estate, and banking.  She has lived and worked in Dubai, Edinburgh, and Singapore…

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