Will COVID-19 Strip Away Your Right to A Jury Trial?

The toughest conversations I have had with clients during the pandemic have often surrounded the issue of delay. While the court closure has resulted in delay all over our already-burdened civil justice system, it is felt most acutely when it comes to trials.  Clients whose trials would have occurred during lockdown are still waiting to […]

Has Your 18 Year-Old Signed a POA? It Could Save Their Lives.

Being a clerk in the personal injury department of a busy law firm has opened my eyes to many situations that, thankfully, I have not encountered in my personal life. These insights have given me valuable wisdom that I will be grateful for in an emergency. I pass this knowledge along in hopes of saving […]

Winter Tire Discounts Can Cost You More Than It Saves You

Recently I added a second vehicle to my auto insurance policy. Since I work in the personal injury department, I was very keen to ensure that I selected the policy which would fully protect me (to learn more about this please read our blog “Are optional benefits really optional” here).  Throughout the call, I was […]

Will Google Replace Lawyers in 5 Years?

As technology advances many are concerned that some jobs will disappear over the next decade.  This discussion has focused on robots replacing manufacturing jobs and self-driving technology replacing truck drivers. We believe other more educated professionals may be at risk if they do not adapt to changing demands for their services. Let’s take a second […]

How to Know If You Have a Slip & Fall Case

A 50-year-old person slips on ice at a friend’s home resulting in a broken ankle, a 40-year-old person trips and falls on a bunched up area rug in City Hall resulting in a broken ankle, a 15-year-old person slips on water on a hallway floor in a high school resulting in a broken ankle. To […]

3 Things You Need to Know in a Slip & Fall

Protect yourself after a fall Rarely do we prepare for the worse, however, with winter quickly approaching the chances of a slip and fall drastically increase. Do you know what to do if you slip and fall and seriously injure yourself? How about if your elderly parent or grandparent slips and falls? If you don’t […]

Putting Our Children at Risk for the Sake of Beauty

Why Doesn’t Figure Skating Require Helmet Use Like Other Sports? Concussions are a pressing and current issue; many sports organizations are facing pressure from concussion advocates who range from professional athletes, parents, past players, and even just lovers of sports. The movement wants to protect everyone, especially children, from avoidable brain injuries. Many sports organizations are […]

Social Media and The Destruction of Your Personal Injury Case

Just over a decade ago no one had a smart phone.  Think about how much our society has changed.  Unfortunately, the laws are slow to catch up and our addictions will affect us in ways we have not imagined. Any time you apply for anything… anticipate that you will be Google Searched at a minimum, […]

Concussion Laws in Canada that Protect Youth Sports

Millars law has had many wins where we have successfully sued sports leagues for the failure of coaches to protect their players from head injuries. As former athletes, we are passionate about players rights and protecting our youth. Rowan’s law was created in response to an accident that could have been avoided. It is important […]

What To Do If You Get Into An Accident On Vacation

When it comes to going on vacation you are focused on the joy to come with your loved ones.  At Millars we try to forearm you with useful information that protects against unexpected legal issues and risks. Most people drive when they go on vacation…But many don’t know the rules governing driving in a foreign […]

L.Gen Whelan Statement of Claim

Here is the Certified Copy of the Statement of Claim filed with the Court on May 21 2024 in the above named file. As per R. 133 the Registry has served a copy of the Notice of Application on the Attorney General of Canada on your behalf.