Phillip Millar Knighted into the Order of St.George

By Daniel Walker

Phillip Millar, Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, victims rights advocate, trial lawyer and founder of Millars Law, recently added a new honour to his long list of accomplishments.

Last month, Phillip was knighted into the Order of St. George for his service to the nation. The knighting ceremony took place at St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church, the official church of the Governor General of Canada. Several VIPs were on hand to congratulate Phillip on the honour.

The Order of St. George upholds the values of chivalry and being of service to those in need. Members of The Order give their time and resources to the community, providing leadership and support in many areas. The Order of St. George Canadian Corporation Charitable Foundation is a charity that reflects the values of The Order.

Phillip is extremely humbled by this honour and looks forward to exemplifying its values while offer himself in service to the Order’s many worthy causes.

Order of St. George Investiture (2016)

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