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Wrongfully Dismissed Employees Get Good News During COVID-19

It seems that the further we get into the global pandemic the more and more we lose the systems and structures that once helped to protect us. Employment law– one of the many safeguards that helped protect our jobs is...
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How to Know If You Have a Slip & Fall Case

A 50-year-old person slips on ice at a friend’s home resulting in a broken ankle, a 40-year-old person trips and falls on a bunched up area rug in City Hall resulting in a broken ankle, a 15-year-old person slips on...
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3 Things You Need to Know in a Slip & Fall

Protect yourself after a fall Rarely do we prepare for the worse, however, with winter quickly approaching the chances of a slip and fall drastically increase. Do you know what to do if you slip and fall and seriously injure...
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When is a Nightclub Liable for its Employee’s Force?

Everyone knows a guy that has gotten too drunk and started to become rowdy, often, it is that guy (or girl) who is kicked out from the bar…by the bouncer. Club security often act like they are above the law,...
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WSIB Lifts Lid on Secret Drug List That They Will Cover

Have you been injured at work? Did you know that you may be entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering that you have endured? Recently, WSIB (Workers benefits) published the list of drugs that they will cover if represented...
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Beware of the Billboards

By Melissa Scott, Millars Law  Recently, London has witnessed an increase in personal injury advertising, namely large billboards, bus ads, and even full-page ads in the London Free Press.  Many Londoners probably don’t even recognize the names or firms listed...
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Helping You Access Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana is all over the news, but few are talking about how it can help those who have been injured, specifically in a car or workplace accident. Here at Millars Law, we are committed to informing people of the...
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