Beware of the Billboards

By Melissa Scott, Millars Law 

Recently, London has witnessed an increase in personal injury advertising, namely large billboards, bus ads, and even full-page ads in the London Free Press.  Many Londoners probably don’t even recognize the names or firms listed on these advertisements.  The majority of these ads boast taglines such as the “No. 1 Personal Injury Lawyer in London” or “Voted London’s Best …”.    As the old adage goes, those proclamations should be “taken with a grain of salt.”

One of the most critical components between a lawyer and client is trust.  A client needs to be able to trust their lawyer.  After a personal injury, that trust is taken a step further – a client has to trust their lawyer with their life, their finances and their future.  Let me offer a word of caution: if trust is a vital facet of the solicitor-client relationship, why would you trust an advertised “London Lawyer” who has never set foot in London.

If you’re injured and are looking for a lawyer, it is not a decision to take lightly.  Often personal injury law suits will span several years.  Selecting a solicitor is something that should be approached with care and caution.  Do your research, speak to your friends and family, and don’t simply retain someone because they have an impressive media campaign, retain them because they are competent and skilled.   If you want a lawyer you can trust, and who will advocate on your behalf, consider starting your search closer to home.

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