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When You Can’t Afford to Lose

When you need a lawyer, you need peace of mind. This comes from knowing that someone skilled and trustworthy is on your side and defending your interests.

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Our Areas of Expertise

We offer a 20% reduction to our members of the Armed Forces and Veterans who serve our country and who suffer in our family courts without strong advocacy.

Personal Injury

We have helped people from all walks of life get justice in a wide variety of cases. We have taken on some of the most powerful organizations in Canada and they do not want you to hire us.

Family Law

You can trust us to help you get through a family breakup in the least stressful and least expensive way possible.

You can also trust us to be fierce advocates when there is no middle ground and you are suffering at the hands of an unreasonable ‘ex’ or a bullying lawyers.

Victim's Advocacy

There is a reason why we have been recognized by multiple organizations as a leading lawyers firm advocating for the rights of victims of sexual assault. We care.

Criminal Defense

The terror of losing one’s job, ruining a life’s reputation and the implications of a tough sentence can be terrifying. We’re here to help. Ex-prosecutors who worked on the inside are now the pitbulls who will fight for your life.

Real Estate Lawyers

Thankfully there are times where you need a lawyers that doesn’t involve a crisis. You can trust us to take care of your home and family when you need peace of mind. We can add in a family will package to help you know how much we care about your family.

Business Law

When you need help running your business, buying selling, negotiating, contracts, and planning you can trust us to provide valuable guidance and protection for your assets. Call and see how impressive our services are to your business.

About Us

We are proud to have won many cases other lawyers said were unwinnable.

Ours is not a profession for the timid and we pride ourselves on building teams that can weather storms and bring our clients to safe harbours so they can get their lives back. But in the end, these are just words. Please take the time to get to know us, read our reviews, browse our case history, read our free reference books. We love what we do. We love who we work with. We love a good fight, but most of all we love winning.

We represent clients across Ontario.

Our Expertise

Is Winning

We are trial warriors, not trial lawyers. There is a difference; Many senior partners of law firms have never run a jury trial. They avoid the potential embarrassment of court and prefer the safety of their fancy office and the perceived power of writing stern letters… They are paper tigers who hate having us on the other side of a file. Our opponents know we will go to trial, that we will be ruthless, and that we will not rest until we are successful.

The Millars Law Team

A law firm built around special forces principles.

Our team members must go through a rigorous selection process as we search for top performers who do not fit into the mainstream approach to legal services.

An Aligning Quote

On the plains of Battle lie the blackened bones of countless millions, who..
On the verge of victory…. Sat down to Rest…. And while resting… Died.
Never Rest!

– Unknown Author

Our Promise

Empty words here don’t make a difference, because most of it is BS, call us and get a consult when you can’t afford to lose. We pledge to not take a penny of your money if we can't help you and we will be honest and straight with you so you can get your life back, with or without a lawyers.

Personal Injury Law

You are fighting the big players who are bullies and will try to break you, you need warriors on your side, the pitbulls everyone is looking for but are next to impossible to find. If you have been assaulted, injured, harmed or wronged, we are there for you and will sit down and be honest about how you can get your life back.

Family Law

You need to trust your lawyer that they won't make a bad situation worse so that they can bill you more, someone who will tell you when to fight and when not to fight... someone you can trust. You can hire us to help you in a limited capacity so you can reduce costs or you can hire us as your full time pitbull. We will help you make an informed decision that is best for you.

Criminal Defence Law

The government is coming for you and the scales are weighed against you. Our former Crown Attorneys will stand up to the government and win when you can't afford to lose. There is a reason the court staff recommend us to their families and police officers hire us when they are in trouble. They know who gets the job done.

Real Estate Law

Thankfully there are times where you need a lawyers that doesn't involve a crisis. You can trust us to take care of your home and family when you need peace of mind. We can add in a family will package to help you know how much we care about your family.

Founder and Principal Lawyer

Meet Phillip Millar

As a former Combat Officer, Phillip brings a refreshing approach to legal services. He served his country for over a decade and experienced battle firsthand. Phillip received his Law Degree at Western University and began his legal career as a prosecutor before moving into private practice.

Phillip does not shy away from conflict when necessary and excels at advocating for his clients in high stakes scenarios. Many of our most famous cases were ones other well-known layers turned down because they were too risky

Phillip has appeared at all levels of court including the Ontario Court of Appeal where he holds an unmatched record of wins in one of the most difficult arenas to be successful in.

He firmly believes in providing his clients with wise counsel, not incentives to spend more on legal fees.

In addition to his reputation as a top defender and advocate for Victims Rights, Phillip is a sought after commentator on news programs and has contributed his vast knowledge and experience to several articles and media outlets. He has also written a book filled with invaluable advice for anyone choosing a lawyer.

Phillip holds a Masters in Conflict Resolution and is the beneficiary of Elite Military Training on strategic planning, Psychological Operations, Information Warfare, Sniper and Reconnaissance Trg. Phillip has worked with our NATO allies in high stakes operations embedded in special operations units and has no issue performing under pressure.


A world class team that has the most 5 Star Reviews in South Western Ontario for a Reason

“We used Millars Law for the recent purchase of a new home. Laurie was professional, and thoroughly explained everything to us. She answered any questions or concerns we had with each paper we signed. Thank you for making this an easy process”

Andrea Catauro

“Wonderful experience. We were there to draft our will.
Karisa and Joe were excellent.
Joe explained us all aspects and we were very satisfied.
Karisa was excellent in dealing with.
I am thankful to all of them.”

Asmat Ullah

“Phillip Millar was wonderful to deal with, knowledgeable, persistent, and all around a great lawyer! I highly recommend Phillip and his team!”

Nicole Crompton


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