Wills and Power of Attorneys

You Can Rely on the Millars Law Team

COVID-19 taught us that a will and medical power of attorney are a necessity, not a privilege.

At Millars law we saw that the average citizen can’t afford a will and POA. We then looked at the pricing and found a way to make them accessible to everyone. That is why we offer standard Will and POA packages at the lowest rate anywhere in the province. We know that if you feel secure that your family is taken care of that you will come to us when you need help.

What started during COVID-19 as a way of offering first responders affordable estate planning has expanded to the whole community. If you need a Will and POA and can’t afford our lowest price offering we will still consider providing you one for free. We truly believe this is important and want to give back to the community even if it means we don’t make as much money.  Our relationship is worth it. 

Our Wills & POA’s are affordable. They are easy to access and you will feel so good to know you have this part of your life taken care of. All you need to do is simply fill out the form below and email and we will take of the rest. If you can’t afford a will please be authentic and tell us why and we will consider doing them pro bono on a case by case basis.