How the #MeToo Movement Can Hurt Men

The #MeToo campaign has achieved the remarkable effect of creating safe spaces for women to talk about past sexual abuse. It is empowering that women no longer live in a system where they must be afraid to speak out about abuse. It is about time that such a reasonable premise is realized and we hope that all women know that there is no excuse for tolerating inappropriate behaviour in the past, present, or future.

For the most part, women who come forward to talk about sexual abuse should be given the benefit of the doubt,


This does not mean we should vilify anyone who requires verification of an allegation. There are some in the victim’s rights/advocacy world who want to shut down any attempt to verify an accusation. #MeToo is not carte blanche acceptance of allegations, and it does not mean someone who alleges a serious offence should be taken by their word alone. People’s lives are at stake! Allegations MUST be open to scrutiny and making an accusation should not mean your story is free from challenge. We must be live to the real-life damage that can be caused by a false allegation.

Through #MeToo we create a safe space to raise issues, but in doing so, we must also make sure the process is not abused. The same awareness and thoughtfulness that requires protection of women from abuse also require protection of men from false accusations. The importance of the #MeToo movement requires follow up, and tough questions. The campaign cannot simply descend into a mob of blind obedience. To suggest that human nature is not such that a few people will take advantage of situations for self-interest is to be naïve, and it undermines the courage of those who come forward. It also places those vulnerable to the movement at risk of unbridled ruin.

Our system requires a tough balance, and we at Millars Law do not take it lightly. When someone comes to us and swears they are innocent or that a lying spouse is harming them in a divorce proceeding we do not shy away for fear of being labelled insensitive. Our team is dedicated to fighting for those who fall victim, whether it be those victimized by unfair treatment, an unfair court system or, an unfair accusation.

Our comprehensive experience dealing with all sides of these issues give us a unique perspective on how to search for the truth and justice knowing that some humans lie… and some lie very well, and most lie to further their self-interest.

What the men in our society need to know is that there are a few who will fight for justice even if it is difficult or unpopular. It takes courage and competence to fight for the underdog, and we take pride in it.

We at MILLARS take controversial positions because the truth is not easily compartmentalized into neat packages. The problem as we see it is that issues are treated as black and white, but we say there has to be room for nuance and confirmation. Let’s consider for a second that in the human population there is an equal distribution of sociopathic and psychic occurrences. Justice is elusive and not easy. Justice supports truth seeking rather than jingoistic adversarial positional politics.

Think of how people are willing to lie for self-interest, and we cannot let ideology trump reality.

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