LHSC Technician Charged with Sexually Assaulting and Drugging Female Patient

What happens when the trusted become the abusers/perpetrators? What happens when those we’ve been raised and taught to trust turn against us, and view us as a means to a perverted end and less like a human being worthy of being treated with dignity and care?

You’ve probably seen the news and know that London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) is speaking out against one of these very situations. The LHSC has acknowledged that one of their own medical technicians has been terminated after criminal charges were laid, including one count of sexual assault.

The accused is Vincent Gauthier, a man who was employed by the LHSC as a medical technician that worked with adults and children. The sexual assault is said to have occurred during a routine EEG examination after Gauthier administered a sedative to the patient.

Tuesday, during a press conference, Dr. Paul Woods, president, and CEO of LHSC indicated he was devastated at the news that this heinous act may have occurred at his hospital. While we undoubtedly share in his devastation for the innocent patient, this is not the first time we’ve seen this happen. We have aggressively advocated for survivors who have been abused, assaulted and exploited at the hands of those who have been put in trusted positions of authority and care over them. We have successfully represented recruits who were sexually assaulted during routine medical entrance exams. Females who wanted nothing more than to serve their country, but were abused by someone wearing a white coat.

We have tirelessly and successfully advocated on behalf of those who have been preyed upon by those in trusted positions of authority over them. As long as there are abusers, we will be there advocating, standing side-by-side with the survivors of these assaults. We believe in the greatness of the human spirit, but above all, we believe in our clients.

If you’re one of the 838 people who may have had an EEG administered by Gauthier, call us so we can help.

We stand together as Londoners, survivors, and as Canadians refusing to allow perpetrators to hunt our vulnerable friends and family. Whether vulnerable by virtue of age, condition, situation, sexuality or gender. Let’s stand together and hold the perpetrators accountable. Call us today!

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By Melissa Scott

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