The 411 on Divorce and Selling the Matrimonial Home

The central aspect of most marriages is the family home. It is a place of countless memories, as well as a space that each spouse viewed as a location for comfort and solace. During a divorce, each spouse must begin the difficult task of dividing and separating the marital property, assets, and debts. This includes […]

Should I Leave the Family Home During Seperation?

When going through a separation, most spouses are concerned about leaving the family home for a number of reasons. First, spouses experiencing the trauma of separation and look for stability and comfort; as for many, the family home had at one time been a source of calm, warmth and love. Second, the family home is […]

How the #MeToo Movement Can Hurt Men

The #MeToo campaign has achieved the remarkable effect of creating safe spaces for women to talk about past sexual abuse. It is empowering that women no longer live in a system where they must be afraid to speak out about abuse. It is about time that such a reasonable premise is realized and we hope […]

What To Do If You Are Threatened With A False Accusation Of Abuse

False Accusations of Domestic Assault Happen. This is a Fact. They happen for a number of reasons,  it could be to win custody battles, force a spouse to leave the family home, or to get even with a spouse who wants a divorce. It may anger some that I acknowledge this, as if in doing […]