TOP 10 Crash Sites In London

As top end personal injury lawyers, we see the crippling effects of car accidents every day.

We want to keep you as safe as possible, providing you with the list of the most dangerous intersections in London.

This is a list of top 10 Crash Intersections in London, based on 2016 data

  1. Wellington-Exeter: With 84 Crashes
  2. Wellington-Commissioners: With 78 Crashes
  3. Highbury-Oxford: With 74 Crashes
  4. Wharncliffe-Oxford: With 71 Crashes
  5. Oxford-Richmond: With 70 Crashes
  6. Oxford-Wonderland: With 70 Crashes
  7. Fanshawe Park-Adelaide: With 69 Crashes
  8. Adelaide-Oxford: With 66 Crashes
  9. Wonderland-Southdale: With 63 Crashes
  10. Highbury-Huron: With 62 Crashes

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