How Throwing a Party Could Get You Sued

As I’m sure you already know, St. Patrick’s Day was this past weekend. What you may not know, is that this past September, the Court of Appeal ruled for arguably a broader liability as a party host. This decision resulted in a new test for the liability of a social host. It is a two-part […]

Proving Negligence: How to Do It & What it Means

The most frequent question we receive from potential clients after they provide us with the background of how their injuries occurred is ‘whether they have a case or not.’ Sometimes, giving a simple yes or no answer is a lot more complicated as we may need to dig deeper before providing such an important answer […]

Are you TOO Canadian? Why Canadians Lose out on Thousands of Dollars Each Year. 

Being “Too Canadian” is one of the reasons why Canadian insurance companies are some of the most profitable in the world. Canadian Insurance companies benefit off our reluctance to ask for what we deserve. You probably remember the “I AM CANADIAN” slogan introduced and made famous by Molson in the mid-’90s and then again in the early 2000s. […]

Putting Our Children at Risk for the Sake of Beauty

Why Doesn’t Figure Skating Require Helmet Use Like Other Sports? Concussions are a pressing and current issue; many sports organizations are facing pressure from concussion advocates who range from professional athletes, parents, past players, and even just lovers of sports. The movement wants to protect everyone, especially children, from avoidable brain injuries. Many sports organizations are […]

How Insurance Companies Can Benefit More From Death Than Injury

If a loved one dies as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be surprised to learn that their life is not worth too much in the eyes of the Court.  Generally, each province has a capped amount that an immediate family member may be awarded in such a situation.  In Ontario, family members […]

Personal Injury Greatest Hits and Lessons Learned

5. Indoor Playground Case – Waivers Cannot Correct Negligence Represented a client whose child was injured at an indoor playground. The staff and owners tried to encourage my client to sign a waiver at the scene. Thankfully, they called me first, and I told them to hold off so we could look at the case […]

Social Media and The Destruction of Your Personal Injury Case

Just over a decade ago no one had a smart phone.  Think about how much our society has changed.  Unfortunately, the laws are slow to catch up and our addictions will affect us in ways we have not imagined. Any time you apply for anything… anticipate that you will be Google Searched at a minimum, […]

How Small Claims Court Can Boost Your Business

Knowing These 5 Things About Small Claims Court Can Save Your Business Thousands 1. If You are Successful it Won’t Cost You… The Courts of Justice Act provides claimants with protection from costs associated with protecting their interests. Claimants are able to seek costs in filing the claim, serving any documents, and fees from setting […]

TOP 10 Crash Sites In London

As top end personal injury lawyers, we see the crippling effects of car accidents every day. We want to keep you as safe as possible, providing you with the list of the most dangerous intersections in London. This is a list of top 10 Crash Intersections in London, based on 2016 data Wellington-Exeter: With 84 […]

When is a Nightclub Liable for its Employee’s Force?

Everyone knows a guy that has gotten too drunk and started to become rowdy, often, it is that guy (or girl) who is kicked out from the bar…by the bouncer. Club security often act like they are above the law, able to apply whatever force necessary to kick out your friend Tim. Often the bouncer’s […]