Millars Lawyer Accepts Crypto Payments Pioneering the Modernization of the Law Firm

Millars Law is proud to announce they are one of the first law firms to accept Crypto as a Payment method for legal services. 

Law firms are not known for the early adoption of technology but the pace of change is demanding law firms stay on top of technology. Millars Law adapted to the COVID-19 challenges by embracing a modern approach to legal services.  

We built out a professional studio to conduct virtual trials, a media room to meet clients virtually, and WIFI insulated room to ensure clients can meet in a space where they can be sure no one is recording them and digital software that leads the way in remote signing so clients can meet us from home and sign their deals in a more convenient way.

We believe the client should have more power, more choices and not be forced to drive downtown and pay for parking so that the lawyer is not inconvenienced. We can come to you, you can use technology and you can pay with Crypto if you need to.

Law Society rules do not allow for Crypto to be used as Trust Funds but clients can now pay their bills at Millars Law with Crypto through an easy portal on our website.

Like most of the initiatives we launch we anticipate seeing the competition follow suit in a year or two.   

Millars Law leads the Way!

Choose Millars Law when you can’t afford to lose.

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