‘They’re Going to Shoot You’


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Melissa Faccolio was common law wife to Samuel Maloney. On December 23rd 2016, Maloney was killed in a police shooting in their home on Duchess Ave. Maloney was also a client of Millars Law and was on the phone with lawyer Nick Cake when he was fa15726556_1591906267492818_6125167600439913344_ntally shot. Faccolio was arrested after the shooting that she and her children witnessed. In lieu of these charges, she spent 6 days in jail, having to miss Christmas and breastfeed while incarcerated. Unjustly, Faccolio received no compassionate support while in solitary confinement, being left to alone to be consumed by sorrow and grief. Since this event, she has received a slew of new charges that Millars Law intends to fight.

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There is a Go-Fund Me account in place if you wish to support Melissa and her two children, a boy 2, and a 6-month old daughter who is still breastfeeding. Any support is greatly appreciated.

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