How Co-operating with the Police Can Get You Fired

You have the right to remain silent, so do it. Speaking to the police can have many serious consequences both inside and outside of the courtroom. A few weeks ago a client came into my office and explained their situation. They had been charged with fleeing from the police, a police chase. Every person is […]

Personal Injury Greatest Hits and Lessons Learned

5. Indoor Playground Case – Waivers Cannot Correct Negligence Represented a client whose child was injured at an indoor playground. The staff and owners tried to encourage my client to sign a waiver at the scene. Thankfully, they called me first, and I told them to hold off so we could look at the case […]

Can the Police Seize Your Blood Without Consent

A disturbing video surfaced on social media last week of a nurse in Utah being arrested for refusing to allow police to draw blood from an unconscious patient. The video, captured on a police body camera, shows Alex Wubbels, a burn unit nurse, calmly explaining to police that she could not take blood from a […]

What To Do If You Get Into An Accident On Vacation

When it comes to going on vacation you are focused on the joy to come with your loved ones.  At Millars we try to forearm you with useful information that protects against unexpected legal issues and risks. Most people drive when they go on vacation…But many don’t know the rules governing driving in a foreign […]

All you need to know regarding Marijuana and Safe Driving

  Attached is an interesting read on marijuana. Educating you on how long marijuana stays in your system, how THC blood tests work, and everything else you need to know about marijuana. Remember our criminal lawyer, Nick Cake, is a premium defender for fighting charges related to drug driving #Millarslaw Contact us today to book […]

‘They’re Going to Shoot You’

  Melissa Faccolio was common law wife to Samuel Maloney. On December 23rd 2016, Maloney was killed in a police shooting in their home on Duchess Ave. Maloney was also a client of Millars Law and was on the phone with lawyer Nick Cake when he was fatally shot. Faccolio was arrested after the shooting that she […]

Knowing your Rights: Filming Police in Canada

It’s important to know your rights. In fact, we encourage our clients and their loved ones to know their rights, because you never know when things could go astray. Linked below is a Huffington post that explains that you can film police enforcement in Canada, and we actually encourage that you do so. Call us today […]

Civil Suit Filed in Darren Mork False Arrest Case

Millars Law is actively pursuing a civil suit on behalf of Darren Mork against Hamilton police officer, Robert Hansen, for what was deemed by an Ontario judge as a form of “vigilante justice.” Four years ago, Hansen set about framing Darren Mork by planting a gun in his home after making a false statement claiming […]