Civil Suit Filed in Darren Mork False Arrest Case

Millars Law is actively pursuing a civil suit on behalf of Darren Mork against Hamilton police officer, Robert Hansen, for what was deemed by an Ontario judge as a form of “vigilante justice.”

Four years ago, Hansen set about framing Darren Mork by planting a gun in his home after making a false statement claiming the presence of a gun in Darren’s home in order to procure a search warrant. Earlier this year, Hansen was found guilty on three charges including one count of perjury and two counts of obstruction of justice.

A text message sent by Hansen in May 2012 read, “He could use some jail time. Do u have any ideas how to get him?”

As a result of the crime, Darren has suffered from insomnia and estrangement from his family. To this day, Darren maintains a deep mistrust of anyone in uniform.

The civil suit, filed Monday, Aug.22nd. by Nick Cake and Phillip Millar of Millars Law against Hansen and the service’s former chief, Glenn De Caire, alleges false arrest and seeks damages of $1.5 million.

Millars Law and Darren Mork look forward to a speedy and equitable resolution to the suit as well as a chance for Darren to publicly share the impact that Hansen’s misconduct has had on his emotional and physical wellbeing.

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