How Co-operating with the Police Can Get You Fired

You have the right to remain silent, so do it.

Speaking to the police can have many serious consequences both inside and outside of the courtroom. A few weeks ago a client came into my office and explained their situation. They had been charged with fleeing from the police, a police chase.

Every person is innocent until proven guilty, yet when the police are upset with you, they can hurt you. My client was distracted by a cell phone and unaware of the lights that were driving behind them.

Eventually they came to a stop and were arrested. During the ride to the station, the client engaged in casual conversation with the officer and divulged their place of employment. The next day the police officer went to the client’s employer and divulged their version of the events that took place. Wherein, the police’s story resulted in the client’s immediate termination.

What began as a friendly exchange of information between client and police officer resulted in a malicious and detrimental outcome for our client.

So because the client trusted the police and spoke with them, the police used this information to have them fired as retribution. The client didn’t have to say a word… so here is the lesson learned.

The police officer arresting you is not your friend. They are not there to help you out when they are arresting you no matter how deceiving they act. There is a reason you have a right to remain silent, and there is a reason you have a right to a lawyer.

You don’t have to say anything to them and you shouldn’t. The police hold all the cards and can use them as they want, so don’t give them all of your cards.

When this client’s name is cleared we will likely seek justice in the courts for their actions to ruin the client’s life before their day in court.

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