LMIA Advertising – Easy as 1,2,3!

1. Meeting LMIA Minimum Advertising Requirements

Before applying for a Labour Market Impact Assessment, employers must conduct at least three different recruitment activities:

  • Effective August 28, 2017, you must advertise the position on the Government of Canada Job Bank.
  • You must also conduct at least two alternative recruitment methods consistent with the occupation (targets an audience with the appropriate education, professional experience, or skill level required for the trade). One of the methods used must be national in scope and easily accessed by residents of any province or territory. People in high-wage positions are often mobile and willing to re-locate for the employment position offered.

2. Job Match System Requirement

Effective August 28, 2017, employers must use the Job Match Service tool for recruitment purposes when advertising a position on Job Bank.
The Job Match service ranks potential candidates using a star system of 1 to 5 stars. The more stars received by the match, the greater the compatibility between your advertised position and the anonymous job seeker.
When creating your job posting, you must select the ‘’default’’ option. This option allows matches with job seekers from a wide variety of backgrounds instead of the ‘’strict’’ matching mode, where matches may be limited to fewer job seekers.
When seeking to fill a high-wage position, employers are required to invite all job seekers matched within the first 30 days of the job advertisement to apply for the work, provided that they are rated four stars or more.

3. Recruitment documentation retention

You must keep records of your recruitment and advertising efforts for a minimum of 6 years. You will also be requested to provide the results from the recruitment efforts you undertook to fill the position.

4. Job Advertisement duration

Employers must ensure that the job advertisement:

  • Has occurred within 90 days before submitting the LMIA application; and
  • The ad is posted for a minimum of four (4) consecutive weeks within the 90 days before submitting the LMIA application

*Important Note: At least one of the three recruitment advertisements to seek qualified Canadians and permanent residents must be ongoing and remain posted until the date a positive or negative decision on your LMIA application is rendered.

5. Job advertisement information

The content of your job advertisement must include the following:

  • Company operating name
  • Business address
  • Title of the position
  • Job duties (for each position, if advertising is for more than one vacancy)
  • Terms of employment (for example, project-based, permanent position)
  • Language of work
  • Wage (must include any incremental raises, performance pay or bonuses):
    • A wage range can be used for compliance with the advertisements; however, the minimum wage in the range must meet the prevailing wage
  • Benefits package offered (if applicable)
  • Location(s) of work (local area, city or town)
  • Contact information, including telephone number, cell phone number, email address, fax number, or mailing address
  • Skills requirements (in terms of education and work experience)
  • Working conditions

6. Proof of advertisement

Employers must demonstrate that they have made efforts to recruit qualified Canadians and permanent residents by providing these documents as proof of advertising with the LMIA application:

  • A copy of the advertisement and information to support where, when and for how long the position was advertised
  • Evidence that the print media and websites used to promote a target audience that has the appropriate education, professional experience or skill level required for the occupation
  • Proof of other recruitment activities (for example, invoice from Job Fair)

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By: Arnisa Morina

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