How Can Medical Marijuana Affect my Life or Personal Injury Case?

As a Personal Injury lawyer who has handled hundreds of personal injury cases, I have witnessed first-hand the damage clients have suffered from the over-prescription of opiates and harmful drugs.  What has bothered me is the fact that many Doctors will not prescribe Medical Marijuana until after the patient has complained that that traditional drugs do not work.

I take issue with this regime as Medical Marijuana is often the least harmful and most effective treatment and it is being denied to people when they need it.

Just recently I spoke to a close colleague who father had suffered liver failure and then a subsequent injury.  His family doctor prescribed him Percocet for the pain… well these things are very bad for the liver and the prescription sent him to the hospital and he almost died.

Why wasn’t he given a prescription for Medical Marijuana which does zero damage to the liver, creates no constipation and has numerous corollary benefits?

How could this happen?  If the Medical Marijuana didn’t work perhaps the doctor could escalate up towards stronger drugs with more side effects.  That person is now taking Medical Marijuana and ZERO opiates and said he hasn’t felt this good in years.

So my advice to this questioner is that if you feel you could benefit from Medical Marijuana and want to stay away from harmful opiates push back on your family physician and ask them about the consequences of their opiate prescription, ask them to make a note that you requested Medical Marijuana as the first line of treatment and they refused… get it on paper.

Now when you need to secure Medical Marijuana, there are a few pitfalls you must navigate.  There are a lot of organizations out there masquerading as medical consultants who are just in the game for the money.  You need to find the right people to guide and educate you on the right strains.

There are some doctors who have medical cannabis certifications and can guide you to the strains that best affect your condition, chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD or insomnia just to name a few

If you are currently involved in a Personal Injury lawsuit your case may be positively affected if you secure Medical Marijuana as part of your treatment plan and the insurance company can actually pay for your Medical Marijuana

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