Hit Count: How Many Hits Can Your Childs Head Take

Parents and sports enthusiasts all keep track of their favorite players ‘stats’ as it relates to touchdowns, goals, homeruns or even assists, but do these same people also keep a close eye on the ‘hit count’?

Let me explain… as a personal injury lawyer, I interact with people who have suffered from brain injuries on almost a daily basis. These injuries can occur anywhere: in a car accident, in a shopping mall, or even on the field.

However, athletes are much more susceptible to suffering from repeated brain injuries due to the nature of their respective games. I am consistently shocked to learn how little of our clients understand that a concussion is a brain injury. Sometimes people don’t take a concussion seriously and just want to get back in the game. But I can’t stress enough how harmful this decision could be.

Concussion protocols are in place for a reason…and trying to be the team hero is not worth it. The best thing you can do is get off the field. You need to be kind to yourself and protect your brain so that you can live a longer and more stable life.

The initial hours of rest are so critical for your brain. The first 48 hours is paramount for how your brain will begin to recover from a brain injury. The worst thing you can do is be short-sighted and get back out there and risk getting hit again.

The symptoms of a concussion may not be immediate. Sometimes symptoms may take up to 48 hours to fully manifest. The old adage, better safe than sorry, applies here. The following are the 3 most important things you should do after sustaining a head injury:

1.Avoid Triggers

Bright lights and loud noises often bother those who have suffered a concussion. Gently determine what those triggers are and avoid them as best as you can.

2. Rest

Rest your body and rest your mind. Avoid all strenuous physical activity that may cause a secondary impact. In order to properly rest your mind, you must avoid computer work, reading and any other taxing mental activities. It is also recommended to avoid light, sitting in a dark room is the best way to let your brain heal.

3. Seek Medical Attention

Always seek expert medical advice from a trained professional. There are many concussion clinics around the country that specialize in brain injuries. Your brain is so important and it is imperative that you seek specialist advice on how to heal.

I want the leave you with food for thought. The following is a Hit Count graphic developed by The Concussion Legacy Foundation showing how we protect the shoulders of our baseball pitchers, yet we allow our football players to endure dozens of hits to the head without the same concern.

To read the entire article by the Concussion Legacy Foundation click here

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By: Melissa R. Scott

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