Breaking Down Child Injury Claims

If your child has been injured, the first and most vital step for your claim is to gather all the information that caused the injury to your child and then to inform the proper authorities about the incident.

After the incident, you must gather evidence, which could be witnesses, photographs and any other essential information. It is also essential to consult legal representation so you can learn about your child’s rights and what the possible outcomes could be.

Below are the most FAQ’s we receive from parents or guardians about child injury claims:

How does a child injury claim differ from an adult claim?

Initially, the law, for the most part, acknowledges that youngsters are not fit for having a comparable judgment that adults possess, there are differences in several of the principles and rules that are set up for child damage claims. Children are harmed in mischances every day, however, there is often no blame on their account.


Would my child have to file a lawsuit?

Most likely no. On the odd chance, if a lawsuit is required, the court will need an appointed guardian to bring the lawsuit on the child’s behalf. Important to note the child’s guardian doesn’t have to be a biological parent it must be a person of sound mind and good judgment.


What are the realities of going to court?

The likelihood of your child’s injury claim going to court is very slim, and most cases are settled before this point. Circling back to the importance of gathering evidence, if your evidence is clear against the defendant the chances of your child’s claim going to court are even slimmer.

It is important to remember that parents of injured children have rights. When your child is hurt, it is, for the most part, recognized that you as a parent or guardian are liable for their medical bills. You have the right to make a personal injury claim and be reimbursed on their behalf. Don’t wait!

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