London ParaMed Patients May Have Been Exposed to HIV and Hepatitis

Should you be worried?

Four London ParaMed clinics failed to properly sterilize their instruments and the Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU) have now suggested that anyone who has received wound care from any of the following clinics in the last ten years are to consider getting tested for blood-borne illnesses:

  • 124 Barker Street
  • 148 Fullarton Street (Talbot Centre)
  • 785 Wonderland Road South (Westmount Mall)
  • 1340 Huron Street (Kensington Village Long-Term Care Home)

Special equipment is supposed to be utilized to sterilize instruments used below the surface of the skin to kill almost all bacterias and viruses. Instead, ParaMed placed all their instruments in one single container, wiping them down with an antiseptic cloth. 880 patients may have been infected and have been contacted to have blood tests completed.

Although the risks may be low, they are most definitely not impossible. ParaMed has now taken the appropriate steps to protect their patients going forward, however, the damage is done and patients who have put their trust in ParaMed may be infected and not even know it.

If you or someone you know has been affected by ParaMed, please contact Millars Law at 519-657-1529 and speak with one of our lawyers today.

By: Michael Johnson


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