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Why You Should Hire Us Before Your EX Does

There is a common saying in family law; there are no winners just varying degrees of losers. It’s become well known that family law matters take too long to finish, cost too much and rarely concludes in meeting the client’s...
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Who is to Blame When Robots Kill?

Is the [Evolution] of robots moving too quickly? An insider’s opinion exposed. In 1981, a 37-year-old factory worker in Japan was killed by a robot that suddenly powered on, pinning him against another machine. Investigators state the deceased stepped across...
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Things you must know about London’s traffic circles… HAVE YOU noticed all the new roundabouts in London and wondered how to enter them, who has the right of way and what the implications of getting in an accident would be?...
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Why You Shouldn’t Use Cruise Control in The Rain

Canadians are used to driving in any weather, the good, the bad, and the ugly. We buy snow tires, cars with all-wheel drive and try our best to avoid the roads in snow storms and ice storms. Yet, despite all...
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The 7 Fatal Mistakes Made by People After an Accident

Knowledge = Money People go through their lives believing bad things won’t happen to them. Often, it’s not until life hands us a crisis that we realize we wish we had been better prepared or knew more. Hindsight stings and...
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5 Things You Need To Know About Sending Selfies

I met my partner the old fashion way. We noticed each other one night at the bar. Looks were exchanged, then drinks, phone numbers and the rest is history. There was no virtual poke, no swiping right or snapchat friend...
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5 Things You Need to Know About Alcohol/Drugs and Boating

Warm weather calls for more time outside. No matter where you find yourself this summer, remember that alcohol/drugs and motor vehicles don’t mix. Your dirt bike, e-bike, quad, or side by side are motor vehicles and are covered by the...
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LHSC Technician Charged with Sexually Assaulting and Drugging Female Patient

What happens when the trusted become the abusers/perpetrators? What happens when those we’ve been raised and taught to trust turn against us, and view us as a means to a perverted end and less like a human being worthy of...
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How the #MeToo Movement Can Hurt Men

The #MeToo campaign has achieved the remarkable effect of creating safe spaces for women to talk about past sexual abuse. It is empowering that women no longer live in a system where they must be afraid to speak out about...
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Bullying: Not Just Children

Anyone in sports knows that the competitive environment surrounding sports promotes intense competition. We have all experienced the overzealous parent that pushes boundaries in their support for their team or child. Isn’t it ironic that as adults we condemn and...
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