Why Merging Early Doesn’t Make You a Good Person

You know that guy, the guy that everybody hates, the one guy that waits until the last minute to merge in a construction zone.

We come across this moment too often, especially with the construction detours that feel like they are on every road and throughout your trip on the highway during the summer months.

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But, in fact, that guy is actually doing the right thing and here is why,

Recently, the Kansas Department of Transportation has released a statement stating that this guy is right. This is because the “zipper” method helps the general flow of traffic move much faster.

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The “Zipper” method is when cars move into the main lane from the merging lane while the main lane is moving. The merging lane should keep a steady pace, moving up as far as possible while leaving space to let the cars from the merging lane in. But, this is all supposed to happen while the main lane is still moving.

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When this is done properly, there is no traffic in either lane because neither lane has to stop. Basically saying that drivers shouldn’t feel guilty while cutting in line because this actually keeps the flow of traffic moving.

Research suggests that the using the zipper method would make traffic flow 35% faster. Which is a big difference from the 0 km we are used to. This method is also safer, if everyone agrees and uses this system there wouldn’t be random and erratic merging. Thereby, resulting in less accidents.

Thus, the moral of this blog post is, that according to the Kansas department of transportation merging early or right away isn’t the best way; and that by adopting the zipper method, we might all get on our way faster.

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