What to Do If Your Cab Gets into an Accident

Whenever you get into a car with a total stranger who can drive you anywhere, you expose yourself to risk.   Obviously, the time of day changes the risk exposure. Also, your level of sobriety and situational awareness is relevant as well;

UBER is useful because the transaction happens over the net. Passengers are provided the name and profile of the driver. Often, cabs will take advantage of their passenger’s drunk state. I’ve heard many experiences where drunk people get robbed by cabs in the way of ‘cash’ charges. Cab drivers will often tell their passenger that they didn’t give them enough or will take more money than needed out of their wallet.

One way to increase your safety is to check ratings on UBER.  Don’t use new drivers, use only established drivers that have many reviews.

But What Happens if You Get into an Accident While in a Cab?

Taxicab drivers must follow the same rules as all other drivers, failing to follow these rules makes them liable.

1. You must file a claim

If you get into an accident while in a cab it is imperative that you file a claim. It does not matter if the cab driver or another car caused the crash. Someone within the accident was negligent- but as a passenger, you were not.

Sometimes the cab could still be liable even if someone else caused the crash. For example, the cab could have been speeding, and the other driver couldn’t have avoided the accident. In this case, the injured passenger could sue both parties.

2. What to do After the Accident

First, always notify the police. You need the collision documented so that you can start a case. You need to provide a police officer with the facts of the case, how it unfolded and what injuries you might have suffered.

If the injuries are not too severe, try getting the names and contact information from any witnesses. Keep bills and records of any medical attention that you may require. You must keep all documentation if you were unable to work or suffered other damages in the result of the accident.

3. Calling a Lawyer

This is when we come in; It’s imperative that you hire a seasoned personal injury lawyer to manage the case. It’s essential that you get the best representation.

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