LONDON, ONT. — Three suspects are at large after a reckless driving incident in the south end of London.

OPP were following a suspected stolen vehicle Sunday night and the end result was a two-vehicle crash.

Sgt. Laura Brown of the OPP says a member of the Middlesex OPP observed a vehicle on Wellington Road which was reported stolen.

“A traffic stop was initiated, but that vehicle failed to stop,” says Brown.

It continued into the intersection at Wellington and Southdale roads where it collided with another vehicle.

“The occupants of the second vehicle reported to hospital with minor injuries,” says Brown.

“Three unidentified suspects fled the vehicle and the London police K-9 unit was called in. However the suspects were not located.”

That intersection is just metres away from a crash in late July following a police pursuit.

A chase involving bank robbers, originating in Sarnia, ended up in London and a crash between a police car and taxi cab injured Porsche Clark and her daughter Skyla.

Clark’s mother says the two are now doing well and both are recovering.

London lawyer Phillip Millar has represented both officers and citizens in cases involving police collisions.

“It’s a controversial subject because people want to know how far police go to protect public safety,” says Millar. “In the recent case of pursuing a bank robber, the police want to capture the robber for public safety, but pursuing a bad guy means he drives more dangerously and puts public at risk. Where is the balance?”

Meanwhile the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) says six months later, the incident involving Clark and her daughter is still under investigation.

“The SIU is not known for their rapid investigations,” says Millar. “When it takes a long time it feels like they are trying to control the narrative. In any other investigation, they’d have that wrapped up in a week.”

The police watchdog says they will send out the results of their investigation once it is complete.

Sunday’s investigation remains ongoing, and police are asking for the public’s assistance with any information.