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Personal Injury Lawyers Are Losing Thousands By Ignoring Medical Marijuana • Millars Lawyers

Personal Injury Lawyers Are Losing Thousands By Ignoring Medical Marijuana

How may you ask?  Well, medical marijuana is an excellent alternative to harmful painkillers. The same prescription painkillers that most of your MVA clients are already consuming on a daily basis. The best part is that in some cases it is actually more effective and better for your client.

These prescription pain killers can be replaced with medical marijuana and can improve your client’s health, recovery, and lifestyle while simultaneously increasing the value of the claim.

Perhaps you are calling B*llsh*t at the moment…. allow us to explain.

OHIP doesn’t currently pay for medical marijuana like it pays for opiates and anti-depression meds. This is a problem in itself because our clients have almost unlimited access to harmful drugs but have to pay for the least harmful and in some cases most effective treatment for chronic pain, depression, and insomnia *. Almost all Personal Injury clients should consider medical marijuana over harmful medications.

But, there is a solution to out of pocket paying. Medical Marijuana Consulting was a pioneer in the field of finding and sourcing for those who need medical marijuana.  In the MVA world, we found a path to payment through the insurance companies.  In fact, we have a mind blowing acceptance rate for treatment plans that call for medical marijuana.  It wasn’t easy but we have found the secret sauce.

Medical Marijuana Consulting also works with Bridgepoint Financial to secure funding for treatment while the tort action develops.  It is crucial that clients get their medicine and the establishment of its efficacy over a period of time. By doing this, it strengthens the case that the patient requires long term medical marijuana treatment to manage the pain.

SO… how does increase the value of a file?


 1. More $$$ 

Because medical marijuana is not covered it must be purchased through a Licensed producer.  When properly prescribed, the costs could run anywhere from $3,000-$8,000 a year.  If this is a chronic pain case, the annual cost is indefinite.   Future Care Costs now have to be adjusted by the insurance company because you can make a case that your clients’ needs this medicine and it amounts to much more than estimated physio or other rehab costs.

o $5,000/yr x 20 years = $100,000 in future care costs added to the file, this helps you and the client

2. Quicker Settlement

By introducing medical marijuana as a treatment option or necessity for quality of life the adjuster must take into account an additional exposure likely not considered when the file was opened.  This, as you know, triggers a file review and possible adjustment of the reserve.  It often results in a phone call and reinvigorates the settlements discussion.  Not to mention at a mediation it serves as a tactical path to reveal greater exposure if the matter goes to trial

Medical Marijuana Consulting built its model to be trial ready, its professionals and doctors make sure the file is papered so that it is reviewable and defensible by experts and in court thereby strengthens the file.  When you identify a client who can benefit from medical marijuana we will take it from there and help build your file at no cost.

We understand there are some old school dinosaurs out there that can’t get over the stigma of marijuana, but the world is changing and if you law practice is not offering this service and your clients find out it is available elsewhere and it is funded, you could lose them, not just 10s of thousands of dollars at settlement.

Call us for more information.

1 (844) 312- 5143 or info@medmca.ca



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