ODSP Recipients Finally Get A Break

In a landmark policy shift, the Ontario Government has lifted the $100,000 cap that unfairly restricted ODSP recipients’ ability to recover money from insurance settlements arising from car accidents.


Now, we can fight more effectively for people on ODSP who have been in car accidents and get them the money they deserve.

Let me explain, for the past decade or so, if an ODSP recipient was injured in a car accident, their financial recovery would be limited to $100,000, regardless of the amount of the settlement.  Any money over and above the $100,000 would have to be repaid to ODSP, or the individual would risk being stripped of their ODSP benefits.

The unfair result was that insurance companies have been using this policy for years to settle cases for pennies on the dollar, effectively screwing the vulnerable in our society.

The recent legislative change gives us more power to fight for the rights of accident victims.

If you have been injured in a car accident, call us for an opinion on your case.

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Written by Melissa Scott

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