Meet Michelle Theberge

Meet Michelle Theberge, the newest member of our powerful team; Michelle is an experienced litigator who cut her teeth in the adversarial and dog eat dog world of Toronto.  She emerged from this battleground as a warrior with incredible experience and knowledge that makes her an invaluable asset to clients who need strong representation.

 Michelle specializes in business and commercial litigation and can from, time to time, take on family law cases when appropriate

Michelle moved to London in 2015 and is eager to build on her reputation and services within London and Sarnia.

Michelle was a successful businesswoman before practicing law, and she can, therefore, understand how disputes can affect business profitability and survival in some cases.  Michelle saw firsthand how overly adversarial litigators could run up legal costs to the detriment of clients; She balances the rare skill of being ready to fight for her client in court while always trying to minimize a client’s exposure to legal costs.   Winning the trust of her clients has never been a problem, and her integrity is beyond reproach.

She has represented her clients in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Ontario Court of Justice, the B.C. Supreme Court and the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Contact us today to book a consult with Michelle | 519-657-1LAW (1529)

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