How To Protect Yourself on Vacation

This is not necessarily a law article as much as it is a common sense article, However, sharing my experiences from a life spent in the security and legal field could be helpful to some readers.

So here are my top tips to protect you and your family in foreign lands:

1.Make Copies

Make a copy of all passports and store them separately, much easier to get things done if your passports are stolen…I have updated this point from a few years ago now that smart phones and the cloud are ubiquitous.   You should take pictures of your crucial travel documents and store them on the cloud for access if you lose everything.  However, paper is always helpful in remotes areas.


2. Protect Your Electronic Cards

In high traffic tourist areas credit card theft is a problem. Think Times Square, Vegas, Piccadilly Square, really anywhere there would be organized crime groups who have access to electronic card readers. Electric card readers are easy to buy, and simple to use, all they need to do is be beside your purse while you look up at the bright lights, and boom, your 3 Visas have been compromised. Consider keeping your cards in wallets or sheaths that protect against electronic scanning.  Also, be aware that smart phones have the capability to download heat reading apps. The heat readers can show what you touched on a key pad when you enter your pin. If ever you are suspicious after you enter your pin, touch a few more keys to cover your infrared signature.


3.WiFi Can Hurt You

People seem obsessed with free data these days, I suggest that some additional data charges are a good deal when compared to your personal information being hacked from using free Wi-Fi services.  Again, this is especially true in high traffic locations. Basically, avoid joining Wi-Fi networks free to all, that person sitting at a table with a bag beside them could be scanning laptops and phones with very sophisticated equipment that can easily break into your device through the free WiFi and hold you at ransom when you return home.

4. Pickpocketers Still Exist 

Wallets are less of a target than smart phones because phones can be sold quickly for $400+.  Keep your phones in your front pocket, not your back pocket, don’t make it visible that you have a $1000 dollar iPhone swinging around while you take pictures because that makes you a target and make sure you have a solid password that can’t be read by looking at the smudges on your phone.


5.There Are No Deals

If it is too good to be true, it probably isn’t.  Walk away, bargain hunt when you are home safe, not when you are looking for a taxi in Calcutta and can’t speak anything other than English.


Let us know what your travel tips are! Also, don’t forget to read our article on What To Do if You Are in An Accident on Vacation, linked below.

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