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It’s been one year since cannabis became legal in Canada, a lot has changed in this last year except for the government’s stance on pardoning those with charges related to cannabis. However, the Canadian government has recently changed their approach and have revealed that cannabis pardons are now finally available.

As of August 1st, 2019, Canadians who have been convicted of simple cannabis possession can apply to have their record suspended.

This application process is FREE (it normally costs 631$) and the 6 months wait period has been eliminated.

BUT WAIT. There are a few things to keep in mind about this process. 

1. Only Canadians convicted of simple pot possession can apply:

Simple pot possession means under 30 grams and no other drugs involved. Applicants do not need to submit court documents to prove it was only cannabis. As long as the criminal record check or police records show their conviction was only cannabis for possession, that will be fine.

2.Even with a pot pardon, you may face issues at the border:

The Canadian government glibly announced that other countries are not bound by Canada’s laws. In normal-people language, this means that Canadians with pot pardons should still prepare for the worst when approaching the US border or entering other countries.

On a more positive note, Canadians within Canada will find it easier to access jobs, rent apartments, and volunteer once their pardon is approved. And pot pardons cannot be revoked if you are later charged with an offence.

if you would like to talk further about pot pardons or if you’ve charged with pot-impaired driving, please call Millars Law.

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By: Andrea Tredenick

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