Female Veterans Under Serviced by Veterans Affairs

Society celebrates the warrior injured in battle and the entire Veteran system is male focused and geared towards addressing injuries caused by factors externals to the CAFG.

Often lost in the dialogue are female veterans whose plight is overshadowed by warrior themes.  Few in the military or in society want to come to terms with the reality that many of those injured in the CAF were injured by those inside the CAF and the CAF’s failure to identify and deal with issues that have directly lead to these injuries.

Millars Law has successfully helped hundreds of survivors seek justice in a system that can be very hostile.   We are proud of the advocates we work with in this support group and in other groups. It is because of this that we would like to introduce a powerful advocate for veteran’s rights, Andrea Demeter.  Please see her recent story on CBC here:


Andrea works in London as a wellness coach, helping to empower others who have experienced similar traumatic experiences. She works with many veteran groups and is a well-respected woman within veteran circles.

Andrea is also a mother of two, and advocates for the use of medical marijuana to medicate for issues like PTSD and for pain management. Most coverage issues relating to Medical Marijuana have been focused on males.  The female veteran population is underserviced and has been ignored in terms of identifying how non-opiate medicine can help improve the quality of life.

Andrea would be happy to help discuss how you may or may not benefit from her services.  As a veteran, you can be 100% reimbursed, so the medication can cost you nothing. Medical marijuana has changed drastically over the last few years. With improvements on the way in which it can be consumed. Medical marijuana can be consumed in non-smoke able ways, like in oils and edibles. It also can be delivered straight to your door in a discreet way. It is important to stop defaulting to pills, as there are multiple issues caused by medicating with opioids.

If you want access to fully funded Medical Marijuana and/or to speak to Andrea about her own story contact her at:

C: 519- 902-7916 and E: Andrea@medmg.ca

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