Farm Vehicles: Too much freedom = Fatalities

On July 28, 2017, a 26-year-old pregnant woman from Mount Brydges was pronounced deceased after being struck by a farm vehicle towing a trailer while attempting a left turn onto Glendon Drive at Troops Road.

The farm vehicle operator was an unlicensed 15-year old, however, this issue runs deeper than that. Glendon Drive poses a blindspot at Troops Road where any vehicle, especially larger farm vehicles pulling trailer’s, will create a great danger to those travelling eastbound. Prior to this accident, there were no yield signs or warnings posted for oncoming traffic or for farm vehicles. Immediately following the accident, signs were placed at the intersection, however, clearly too late.

It took a lost life to finally open some eyes.

The Highway Traffic Act (HTA) does not restrict farm vehicles from the use of roads other than 400 series highways and the QEW (HTA 113, 185, Reg. 603, 609). 

Additionally, according to the HTA (Section 148, 149), ‘farm equipment may be driven on the travelled portion of the road, on the shoulder portion of the road, except where prohibited, or on both portions when operating wide equipment’.

As farmland territory becomes more developed and populated, traffic continues to increase and roads are then more dangerous. The Highway Traffic Act needs to be amended to ensure that farm vehicles, farm equipment and farm vehicles pulling trailers are off our main roads causing preventable accidents.

Join MILLARS LAW in our fight to force amendments to our Highway Traffic Act for farm vehicles and STOP accidents from happening.

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