Elder Abuse on the Rise in Ontario

By Phillip Millar, Founder of Millars Law

Recently, I was featured on a radio program discussing a case of elder abuse in a long-term care facility in London, Ont. One of my principal reasons for participating in the program was to make people aware of the case and ensure that there were no further cases of abuse by a particular nurse, Susan E. Muzylowsky, going unreported at the long-term care facility in question.

Currently, elder abuse is the fastest growing segment of abuse as our seniors are often left alone and unprotected. Predators fall into distinct categories as either financial con artists or mentally disturbed individuals in search of vulnerable segments of the population.

If you suspect someone you love has been abused at a long-term care facility or Seniors Residence in Ontario, call Millars Law at 519-657-1529 or use our Contact Form to book a free consult in which we will review your options and protect your loved ones.

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