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Celebrity Najwa Zebian Speaks at The Girls Inc. of Halton Luncheon • Millars Lawyers

Celebrity Najwa Zebian Speaks at The Girls Inc. of Halton Luncheon

Millars Law was mentioned at Girls Inc. luncheon by celebrity poet Najwa Zebian, a former Millars Law client.

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Girls Lead Luncheon benefiting the Girls Inc. of Halton. Millars Law was proud to attend and sponsor this event for an organization that inspires all girls to be strong, smart and bold through individual mentorship and group programs.

Girls Inc. is a nonprofit, boasting more than 1,200 local chapters across Canada and the United States. Girls Inc. caters to girls ages 6-18 through individual mentorship and group programs. Girls Inc. strongly believe in the development of the whole girl, — academically, socially and personally. They strive to develop each of their individual strengths and provide them with the tools to reach any dream they can fathom. The organization truly steps in to fill the gaps that are missing or lacking in some homes, schools, and communities. Girls Inc. aims to equip each girl with the mental strength, physical strength and education to navigate life.

My boss, Phillip Millar, introduced the keynote speaker, our friend, Najwa Zebian. Mr. Millar was not only Ms. Zebian’s lawyer but a strong ally who helped her find her voice and fought zealously against those who were determined to silence her. Ms. Zebian spoke eloquently about the importance of finding your voice and not letting anyone confine you to one story, but instead realizing that we all have many pages and chapters which come together to create our own individual, evolving stories.

Recently, this past summer, Girls Inc. hosted incubation labs to expose future leaders to opportunities they didn’t even know existed. At the luncheon, we heard from two of graduates of the incubation lab. Najwa’s keynote perfectly dovetailed with the comments of two students earlier in the program. These future leaders spoke about their individual experiences after attending the Girls Inc. Incubation Lab which boasted programs about entrepreneurship, community engagement, leadership, and other important topics. While their experiences were different, they couldn’t have been more similar. Before Girls Inc. they didn’t realize that leadership opportunities were within reach and weren’t even aware of the power and strength of their own voice. Girls Inc. programming helped them uncover their potential.

Today, the mission of Girls Inc. has never been more important — if we can teach every young girl the power of her voice and her inherent leadership skills, the possibilities are endless, and Canada’s future is in great hands. We need more female leaders in every arena and organizations like Girls Inc., and Millars Law to be there to make sure that happens! Millars Law is proud to be on Ms. Zebian’s team and be a part of groups that help girls and women succeed.

We look forward to bringing the positive impact of Girls Inc. into London through a local chapter. If you are interested in getting involved or would like to support this vision, please contact me at melissa@ml-dev.thirdeyeinsights.ca about how you can help!

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