Cannabis Laws: Why You Should Know More Than the Police

Recently I had a very surprising conversation with a few friends involved in law enforcement. We were discussing the rules around possessing lawfully purchased medical marijuana obtained from a Licensed Producer (LP). These police officers were adamant that anyone in possession of medical marijuana had to carry their prescription with them.

This was a major red flag, as it is not true, and it quickly led me to fear that this is a commonly held belief.

Think of it this way, when you get a prescription from your doctor for other medication you don’t keep the prescription.

The prescription is handed to the pharmacist at the pharmacy and in turn, they give you the medication, and they keep the script.

The same thing happens with medical marijuana. As a patient, you provide your prescription to your LP, and in return, they send you the medical marijuana.

Much like a prescription received from a pharmacy, your medical marijuana container should include your name with the address and phone number of the LP.

The container of marijuana has your prescription information. Meaning, you do not need to carry your actual prescription.

This misconception within the ranks of law enforcement will cause lawful users to be detained and even criminally charged even though one is acting correctly.

There is a need for police agencies to educate themselves on the rules and regulations surrounding medical marijuana. More people will undoubtedly be subject to unjust arrest at the hands of uneducated police officers if this does not change.

If you are prescribed cannabis, transporting it in the original prescription bottle with the label attached by the Licensed Producer is enough to demonstrate lawful possession.

If you are charged with unlawful possession of your medical cannabis, call us at 519-657-1LAW. Our criminal defense team is dedicated to assisting those who have fallen victim to a system that has failed to update itself.

By Megan Gingerich & Nick Cake


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