Canadian Government’s Cannabis Control is Out of Control

With the increasing number of retail cannabis stores opening up around our province, it is essential to know what you can do with your cannabis, especially when you and your cannabis are in a vehicle.

The Ontario Cannabis Act gives Police a wide range of powers and has given them the ability to search you and seize your property in far more situations than those dealing with alcohol. In fact, you might be subject to search even if it is not your cannabis or even your vehicle.

If you are the driver or the occupant of a motor vehicle you cannot have cannabis accessible to any occupant in the vehicle. You are required to have your Cannabis sealed in the container it was purchased in, or sealed is some kind of other sealable container.

The bottom line is that either way, your cannabis has to be in the trunk or somewhere not accessible to any occupant of the motor vehicle.

That’s right, any occupant.

This is in stark contrast to alcohol which can even be sold through drive-thru Beer Store locations and handed directly to the customer sitting behind the wheel of the motor vehicle. Even more surprising, if the police have reason to believe there is cannabis in the car they can search the vehicle AND search any person within the vehicle.

Meaning, that if you are the passenger in the vehicle and the police believe that there is cannabis in the car then you can be subject to a personal search even if there is no reason to believe you have done anything wrong.

The Ontario government’s approach to cannabis control is unconstitutional. It seems like the government will go to great lengths to keep up the appearance of legalized cannabis while controlling their essential monopoly over it. Their idea of weed control needs to be challenged as it could lead to searches of individuals who aren’t even in possession of legally purchased marijuana. If the illegitimate war on drugs has victimized you or someone you know, then you need to call Millars Law. Our team of lawyers will fight to ensure your rights are protected.

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By: Nick Cake

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