Can My Medical Marijuana Get me Fired?

For the most part, the answer is no, but that is contingent on using it in accordance with your Doctors instructions. It also depends on what type of medicine you are using and if you are using it at work.

For example. Some strains of medical marijuana are very high in THC and cause impairment, obviously, you can ‘t work impaired and if you do you can be let go legitimately because regardless of how you feel you cannot be assured you are doing your job properly and safely.

However, CBD only strains do not make you ‘high’. You can work while taking this medication and it is still called medical marijuana. CBD is used mainly for chronic pain but also helps many other conditions. CBD oil is an amazing alternative to opiates and it is a highly effective painkiller that can change people’s lives and can even make them better employees.

Everyone should know that there are truck drivers on our highways right now on huge doses of Percocet’s and oxy’s…. yes driving huge rigs, dealing with chronic pain, and have heroin (a key ingredient in opiates) coursing thru their veins….

We have seen people get off opiates completely and move to CBD based medical marijuana and then get fired because they admitted they used medical marijuana. Do you see a problem with this?

We do, and the stigma associated with Medical marijuana is inhibiting people from leaving the prescription painkillers and moving to a healthier alternative.

Most employers know very little about medical marijuana and its benefits. They see it as an illegal drug that promotes problems in the workplace. That mindset is outdated and it should in no way interfere with your legal use of a healthy medicine.

We have come across cases where an employee was fired when they disclosed they used medical marijuana, but only at home for sleep…. They didn’t even use it at work and their boss said they couldn’t risk it and so they were fired. However, the same employee could drink a case of beer in the evening and his job was safe.

This is discrimination and can be fought at the Human Rights Tribunal. The employer will pay a huge price for being ignorant.

Employers should educate themselves on medical marijuana, a good starting point is this website…

For some dinosaurs who drink alcohol heavily and take pain killers and think medical marijuana is bad, it’s time for them to get past the old stigma and realize that the world has changed.

Perhaps some of you are asking: Do I have to disclose my use of medical marijuana to my employer, the answer is as much as you would have to disclose if you were on painkillers.  It is no different.

We are trying to help employers, unions and employees from all over Canada understand their rights as our country goes through a dramatic shift in its policy towards medical marijuana.

If you have any questions, please contact us by using the information below or on our chat box to the bottom right. We will post the answers in an upcoming article.  Until then, stay safe, stay informed and help us change the world.

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