All you Need to Know About Dog Bites in 30 Seconds

You are liable for your dog’s actions, and your home insurance usually covers any damage that they do. If you do have a dog, it is important for you to check your insurance policy and to make sure that there is coverage for your dog/pets.

If your dog bites someone, it is your fault unless they are breaking into your home or attacking you. Be prepared to be sued and be thankful that you have insurance. Your premiums may go up substantially if you are sued and you may not have coverage for a second bite…. So fix the problem one way or another (better training, muzzle, etc.)

If you are bitten by a dog make sure you can track down the owner because you are entitled to compensation. Get the name and address and take pictures immediately.

Insurance will pay for your injuries and recovery. This is one area insurance companies are not evil, and it is often rather painless to get compensation if you have a decent lawyer who knows what they are doing. We have secured over $150,000 for one dog bite victim bitten in the knee and had a severe infection resulting in loss of work and mobility so do not ignore your options.

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