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How to Know If You Have a Slip & Fall Case

A 50-year-old person slips on ice at a friend’s home resulting in a broken ankle, a 40-year-old person trips and falls on a bunched up area rug in City Hall resulting in a broken ankle, a 15-year-old person slips on...
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Your Weed is TSA Approved at LAX

Traveling to or from LA in the near future? You can pack your cannabis for the ride! As of January 1st, 2018, California’s passage of Proposition 64 allows patrons 21 years of age or older to possess up to 28.5...
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Insurance Companies: Who Would You Trust to Fight For You

EXACTLY why you need to be careful who you choose as your insurance provider to cover you and your family – it matters more than you think! Insurers may say things like they ‘protect you and your family if you...
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Avoid Jail time with Edibles in the Home

What do you think are the consequences of someone using your medicine because they mistook it for a snack? Many people choose to medicate with medical cannabis edibles. If you happen to fall into this category, this article pertains to...
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Dog Bites: When to Call a Lawyer

Many of us are dog lovers, owners, and advocates for our furry friends. However, our “friends” need to be watched, because they are not always so friendly to strangers. Many do not realize how serious a dog bite could be;...
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Cannabis Laws: Why You Should Know More Than the Police

Recently I had a very surprising conversation with a few friends involved in law enforcement. We were discussing the rules around possessing lawfully purchased medical marijuana obtained from a Licensed Producer (LP). These police officers were adamant that anyone in...
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Time to Break the Silence On Priest Abuse

David Norton, an Anglican priest was sentenced to 4 years for sexual abuse of a boy between 1991-1995. Norton also stands charged for sexually assaulting three boys in 1977. That trial is coming this October. What is even more disturbing,...
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Criminal Charges Against Former Petrolia Chief Administrative Officer, Manny Baron, Withdrawn Yesterday in Sarnia Courthouse.

September 7, 2018 (Sarnia, Ontario) PRESS RELEASE On Sept 6, quietly and without media coverage, the very public charges laid against former Petrolia CAO Manny Baron were withdrawn in an empty Sarnia Courtroom. Manny Baron’s lawyer Phillip Millar, of Millars...
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Celebrity Najwa Zebian Speaks at The Girls Inc. of Halton Luncheon

Millars Law was mentioned at Girls Inc. luncheon by celebrity poet Najwa Zebian, a former Millars Law client. Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Girls Lead Luncheon benefiting the Girls Inc. of Halton. Millars Law was proud...
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Liberal’s Strategy on Drug Impaired Driving is…… IMPAIRED

Ahead of the October legalization of recreational cannabis the Liberal government has approved the first roadside testing device aimed at identifying drivers who are impaired by cannabis. A swab of your saliva from the inside of your cheek is all...
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