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What To Do If You Are Threatened With A False Accusation Of Abuse

False Accusations of Domestic Assault Happen. This is a Fact. They happen for a number of reasons,  it could be to win custody battles, force a spouse to leave the family home, or to get even with a spouse who...
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The Immediate Aftermath: How Men Are Falsely Accused Of Domestic Violence In Order To Win In Family Court

Nothing motivates me more than meeting a client who has been falsely accused of domestic assault. I never appreciated the prejudicial position of those falsely accused until I became a criminal defence lawyer. As a woman who had never been...
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Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The Effects of False Domestic Violence Allegations on Family Law Matters

There is a double-edged sword when it comes to domestic violence charges. The criminal justice system is slanted to favor the Complainant, the one making the accusation of abuse, in order to prevent other victims from facing fear in coming...
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