Why You Should Hire Us Before Your EX Does

There is a common saying in family law; there are no winners just varying degrees of losers. It’s become well known that family law matters take too long to finish, cost too much and rarely concludes in meeting the client’s needs.

The Ontario family court system is bloated, and it has become accepted that family law matters will likely take years to settle. Once started, Court Applications can take at least three to four months to be put in front of a judge. Exhaustingly, after this much wait, a judge will still only be dealing with the preliminary issues.

The painstaking wait is only half the problem, the average cost of a contested family law matter can run up to $45,000 or more.

With Millars Law we take a smart, strategic perspective designed to meet the client’s needs.

At Millars, we bring a fresh approach to family law. Our focus is on understanding our clients and their requirements. In doing this, our lawyers can accurately assess how to resolve the matter in a timely and smart manner. We bring both the skill and knowledge it takes to plan and implement a strategy that moves your case forward toward a better outcome.

With us, you are never alone; you always have someone in your corner.

We know that you are going through a difficult and emotional time, possibly the most difficult challenge you will face. Our goal is not to push your matter into further conflict for a larger payout, and yes this has been known to happen. We all have friends and family members who have been fighting over access to their kids or assets for years on end. Instead, we focus on your interests and your needs to design a smart strategy for the best possible resolution.

Call to schedule a free consultation with our family law department today. Whether you are contemplating separation or are in a long-term family dispute, we will take a fresh strategic perspective in your family law matter.


By: Jennesa Plaine

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