Criminal Defence

We will do everything in our power to resolve your criminal defense matter quickly and effectively, keeping your money in your pocket.

The terror of losing one’s job, ruining a life’s reputation and the implications of a tough sentence can be terrifying. We’re here to help. Ex-prosecutors who worked on the inside are now the pitbulls who will fight for your life.

Until you are on the receiving end of a government investigation, you have no idea how much the cards are stacked against you.

We have seen people spend fortunes when they didn’t need to and conversely tried to save money and got sent away to the Penitentiary.

They are not interested in pleading you guilty, they are concerned with clearing your name and that means war with the prosecution trying to wrongfully convict you.

As a former combat officer, and prosecutor (Assistant Crown Attorney) Phillip Millar is uniquely qualified to fight for your life. He will not take the easy way out, or back down in the face of a tough case. Phillip Millar will stand for you.

Criminal Defence

We have the most 5 stars for a reason.

The criminal justice system is merciless and navigating it without a fierce advocate can be the most expensive mistake of your life.

The police and the prosecutors have all of the power… your interests need to be protected, and your rights guarded.

Who you choose to defend you will be one of most important decisions of your life.

A Tech-Focused Law Firm

A Modern Approach to Law

At Millars Lawyers we understand the need to deal with real world problems while maximizing technology when it can help the client or case. We offer easy to use video conferencing so you can have easier access to your legal team from home. No need to drive for hours and wait around for a lawyer to grant you an audience, you can easily schedule a meeting and chat with your team from your laptop or phone when needed. We also reduce costs by allowing for discoveries and court proceedings to be held in our media rooms with the most advanced tech allowing us to save time, travel and stress. COVID-19 has changed the world, we will make it less stressful for you.

The Millars Law team has won many high profile cases others thought unwinnable. When your life is on the line and you didn’t do it there is only one team that will use every resource available to win.

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Criminal Lawyer

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Criminal Lawyer

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