CEO Phillip Millar

Phillip Millar

You Can Rely on the Millars Law Team

Phillip’s passion is to redefine what it means to be a lawyer. He insists his team put the mission before their egos. He runs a client-centred firm that is tech-friendly, fast-moving and focused on results… not billables.A small sample of Phillip’s many victories include:

  • Landmark court case decisions on behalf of sexual assault victims denied compensation from their abusers.
  • Important and extremely difficult cases fighting for the wrongfully accused, eventually clearing their names
  • He has taken on giant insurance companies bullying accident victims into giving up.
  • Taking over a massive civil litigation case with over a half-million in fees spent and resolving it in a month for under $25,000 with a dynamic and bold approach that saved the client millions of dollars.

He is known for taking on cases other big law firms reject because they are too difficult or risky What makes Phillip a special breed of fighter is that he puts in the work needed to win. He is not a paper tiger. If his clients need a warrior he will leave no stone unturned in the fight to get them justice. His adversaries know this or soon find out.Phillip is a sought-after commentator on news programs and has contributed his vast knowledge and experience to several articles and media outlets. He has also written a book filled with invaluable advice for anyone choosing a lawyer.

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