Personal Injury Greatest Hits and Lessons Learned

5. Indoor Playground Case – Waivers Cannot Correct Negligence Represented a client whose child was injured at an indoor playground. The staff and owners tried to encourage my client to sign a waiver at the scene. Thankfully, they called me first, and I told them to hold off so we could look at the case […]

#Me too…For Men

If I can tell my story in a public forum without embarrassment, I hope other victims can tell theirs and start the healing process. The recent media coverage of sexual assaults against women has led to a progressive campaign that I believe is designed to empower those who have been abused, assaulted or harassed by […]

Update on the Gatineau Case

Two of our clients performed exceptionally well at this court-martial. Our trial preparation made a huge difference. All the charges related to their assaults resulted in convictions, which is a huge success for our clients. The particular lawyer that represented this serial sexual assaulter took a far more aggressive approach than previous court martials. It’s […]

Update: Link on Police Apology and Outlets for Survivors of Sexual Assault

I am someone who unfortunately can say that many of my female clients have been failed by our criminal legal system. It is important for survivors of sexual assault to understand all their options. There are other means to receiving justice until our criminal courts can see through the dust clouds of male offenders. Call […]

Former Military Medic Faces Court Martial for Sexual Assault Alligations

Phillip Millar traveled to Gatineau, Ottawa in support of his clients over a 3-week trial. Two women are accusing a former military medic that took the liberty of doing breast examinations while it was not protocol. An interesting case to follow. Two links are below: Millars Law continues to represent victims of sexual assault. Call […]

Sexual Consent When Under the Influence

By Phillip Millar, Founder of Millars Law The recent guilty verdict of former Windsor Spitfire, Ben Johnson for the sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl should serve as a lesson of what “consensual sex” means to all Canadians, particularly young males. While 16 years old is considered legal age in Canada, the question in this […]

Personal Injury: Greatest Hits and Lessons Learned

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1466704517917{padding-bottom: 25px !important;}”]By Phillip Millar, Founder, Millars Law Over the span of my career as a Personal Injury Lawyer, I’ve been involved in hundreds of cases, each of them distinct in its own way. At the suggestion of my colleagues, I’ve made up a list of the 5 cases that taught me the most […]

Phillip Millar Tackles Sexual Assault at CBA Military Conference

On June 2, 2016, the annual Canadian Bar Association’s Military Law Conference was held in Ottawa. Phillip Millar gave a presentation in which he addressed several critical issues regarding the handling of sexual assault cases. Chief among his recommendations was how the Military Chain of Command must familiarize themselves with the power dynamics at play in […]

Military Punishes Sexual Assault Victims

A recent CNN Expose detailed just how prevalent sexual assault remains in the U.S. military and more specifically, the despicable manner with which complaints are treated. As the report indicates, complaints by victims are often ignored or silenced.  However, this problem is not limited to the U.S. For decades, the Canadian military has sent mixed […]

What Victims of Sexual Assault Can Learn From the Jian Ghomeshi Trial

By Phillip Millar In watching the recent developments in the trial of former CBC radio presenter, Jian Ghomeshi, I have drawn up some lessons that I feel are valuable for anyone seeking to take their perpetrators to trial. VICTIMS TAKE OWNERSHIP OF THEIR NARRATIVE                       […]

L.Gen Whelan Statement of Claim

Here is the Certified Copy of the Statement of Claim filed with the Court on May 21 2024 in the above named file. As per R. 133 the Registry has served a copy of the Notice of Application on the Attorney General of Canada on your behalf.