Can you guess why lawyers wear Robes in the Courtroom

Our legal traditions are rooted in our British ancestry. Lawyers and Judges in England began wearing black robes to court to mourn the passing of Queen Mary in the late 1600’s. Lawyers appearing in a Superior Court of Justice still drape themselves in the archaic garment to this day. The passage of time has taken the attention off of the late Queen Mary. Instead, lawyers robes are now seen as a neutralizer. Courtrooms are said to be about truth and justice where the law is of primary importance. The Court is concerned that the appearance of counsel may unduly influence juries. Flashy clothes may distract from the Court’s truth-seeking role. Robes allow for the law and the facts to be the main focus. Judgments about ability are based on skill and knowledge and are not masked appearance.

The significance of lawyer’s robes may have changed over time, but the fact is that lawyers should be set apart by what is said in court not what is worn in court. If you or someone you know is in need of legal representation, choosing a lawyer should be based on results.

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