Luke Reidy

Associate Lawyer


Luke Reidy is a rare breed of lawyer. There was no silver spoon in his history, just hard work, resilience and a commitment to justice. As a young man, Luke worked in the construction industry, starting at the ground level, swinging a hammer and watching how large construction corporations operated and interacted with a complex group of different individuals His intelligence and work ethic quickly moved him up the leadership ladder ultimately leading men much older than him in a few short years. He was respected by those who worked for him and by those he worked for because he got the job done in a no-nonsense manner that did not tolerate incompetence or bravado, just performance.

He never lost his dream to make his Irish family proud. They were already proud of the character he displayed on a daily basis but he was intent on becoming a lawyer and serving people and companies who were victims of injustice. After a sojourn to Korea where he met his wife he returned, studied hard and got into law school. What is fascinating about Luke, and those like him, is that their competence in working with people on complex tasks results in excellent performance in law. You can’t fake it, you have to put in the work and understand the complexities and nuances of human behavior in order to see beneath the surface issues. He excelled at school and sought a place to master his craft.

We are fortunate that he found Millars Lawyers. We want to build a special forces culture and we are certain Luke could have passed any of the military courses the founder suffered through. How do we know this, the only way you pass these courses is by supporting your peers and being focused on the mission despite personal discomfort. Luke is a team player, fixated on learning and who puts winning above his own personal comfort. He does the work to win and does not take himself or his ego too seriously. His motto is: “Whatever it takes!” There are power imbalances in the world and fighting for justice is a full time job requiring total commitment to the mission.

A Western Law graduate, Luke put down roots in SW Ontario. He bloodied himself in the criminal courts facing overwhelming odds and persevering to secure unbelievable results. He will never leave that arena but is equally effective working in Civil litigation, especially in police brutality cases, abuse of power and Construction Litigation. His deep understanding of construction contracts, tendering, completion schedule and the chicanery that can arise when big money is on the table makes him your special forces lawyer when your business or life is being assaulted

L.Gen Whelan Statement of Claim

Here is the Certified Copy of the Statement of Claim filed with the Court on May 21 2024 in the above named file. As per R. 133 the Registry has served a copy of the Notice of Application on the Attorney General of Canada on your behalf.