Adam Birch

Associate Lawyer


Adam Birch comes to the firm as an experienced litigator passionate about fairness and fighting the good fight against powerful institutions. Adam has practiced Plaintiff Personal Injury law for over ten years and is well-known for challenging the status quo. Within seconds of meeting Adam, you will feel his authenticity and commitment to justice. You will appreciate that he actually listens and wants to get to know your story. He won’t talk about himself; He will talk about how he can help. You can trust him to tell you the truth.

Adam embraced the warrior spirit from an early age practicing martial arts since he was eight years old. He was on the Ontario Provincial Karate team at 14 and earned his black belt at 16. Prior to attending Western Law, Adam obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour from McMaster University. The end product is an impressive lawyer who embodies the warrior spirit. Adam has studied human behaviour and psychology and excels in legal arguments.

Adam‘s clients value and respect his sincerity and attention; His clients feel a deep connection with their lawyer and feel protected. Adam takes time to ensure his clients understand all their options and this reduces stress and anxiety. Adam understands that, for clients, “knowing is half the battle,” and he is more than happy to fight the other half.

Adam challenges conventional wisdom and finds innovative solutions to problems that stump traditional thinkers. Adam can be found within the community volunteering and spending time with his family and friends.